Every LifeI think you would all agree with me,

we can look back on the crusades and acknowledge the evil done in the name of Christianity. We reflect on American slavery and see clearly how sinister it was, finding it unfathomable that we allowed it to exist. We think about not allowing women to vote and treating certain races as less than a whole person. We now obviously see the bigotry.

All of this has come to be known as immoral and for good reason.

We have come a long way and progress has been made.

Will you honestly think about these next few lines ?

There were people long ago that assumed,“to make my life easier, more convenient and to have the life I want, it’s perfectly ok to keep another’s human heart from being free.”

These people were pro-slavery.

There is a group of people today that think, “to make my life easier, more convenient and to have the life I want,it’s perfectly ok to stop another’s human heart from beating.”

These people are pro-abortion.

In a few decades it is my belief that a future America will look back on our generation and wonder how in the world we ever considered a baby with a beating heart inside its mother’s womb less than alive.

In fifty years maybe along with the holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda and early American slavery we will see that millions of unique souls were robbed of the chance to even speak their first words.

With the gift of perspective we look back on those who fought against the concentration camps and rightfully make movies about their bravery. We see those who stood up to the slave owners as heroes, we see the underground-railroad workers as noble and courageous, as we should. And it is my hope that someday people will look back and say “at least there were some who could see the unborn as beautiful innocent children”

All of this I firmly and sincerely believe. I’m not going to list the stats about when a heart starts beating or brainwaves being active at what week. You can research that if you want.

In fact, one of the reasons that young people today are more pro-life than any generation since the 1970s is we can Google the facts and bring up the horrific pictures of what abortion really is.

I have friends who have had abortions; I have friends who have held signs outside abortion clinics. I believe to be sincerely “pro-life” is to be more than just against abortion. It means being serious about fighting poverty. It means being serious about educating people. It might even mean you would be willing to consider adopting a child.

It means compassion, understanding and love that is unconditional.

At the same time it means the boldness to say that murder is not a reproductive right.

We have a shooting every day in this country. We blame so many things for what our society has become. Proliferation of guns, poverty, violent video games, violent music, broken homes, fatherless children. All of these play a part.

But we have generations who do not value human life and why would they? They see the subtle reminder that when life is inconvenient, you discard it.

In the United States of America, in 1863, someone decided that owning another human being was evil enough to outlaw. Many were physically set free.

In the United States of America, in 1963, someone decided that treating others differently because the color of their skin was evil enough to stand against. Many were socially set free.

Someday, soon, In the United States of America, someone will speak for those who have no voice, someone will cry out for the lives being terminated for the sake of convenience. All will have the right to life.

Until we see every life as sacred, every race, every nation, every belief system, from the first heartbeat in the womb to the last breath on a bed 90 years later, we will reap the destruction we sew.


give us eyes to see all are made in your image,

ears to hear the cries of the innocent,

mouths to speak against injustice,

feet ready to run with help,

hands to comfort the hurting

and hearts that are moved with compassion.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2014

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