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Every LifeI think you would all agree with me,

we can look back on the crusades and acknowledge the evil done in the name of Christianity. We reflect on American slavery and see clearly how sinister it was, finding it unfathomable that we allowed it to exist. We think about not allowing women to vote and treating certain races as less than a whole person. We now obviously see the bigotry. Continue reading


Trash TalkRichard Sherman is a bright, funny, super talented NFL player. In fact he is probably the best cornerback in the league. He is also known for “talking trash.” This latest incident is nothing new for him; he’s been this way consistently. Talking trash is nothing new in sports either. It’s become the norm in almost all sports. Richard Sherman’s outburst/interview got a lot of attention, when the great play he made to end the game should’ve received the attention. Continue reading