28 Ways To Experience God A few days ago we read about experiencing God through others and then we read about experiencing God through reading the bible and learning to think differently.

One of the best ways to experience God in both of those ways is to join a bible study.  This is not to be confused with attending a worship service or even a mid-week bible study for the entire church.  While those are beneficial and we will talk about those more in the weeks to come, I am talking about a small group of people where you have the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

When participating in a small group bible study you get to be involved.  You have the opportunity to share what you have been learning, what you are confused about, what you have a hard time believing, whether you agree or disagree with someone’s perspective, etc…  There is something about the give and take of discussion that causes each of us to grow.  The bible tells us “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

When we place ourselves among people that desire to grow in their faith and are concerned about us growing in our faith we allow ourselves to be challenged and encouraged.  The friction of give and take matures us in our faith and allows us to experience God in new ways.

If you are not already involved in a small group bible study I want to encourage you to join one or start one today.  It could very well be the best thing in your faith journey.

Written by Larry Westfall.  Copyright © Finding Wonder 2014.

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