28 WaysIn our society we seem to be either busy or bored.

Our common excuse for not connecting with others is “I’m just so busy.” We may even be addicted to being busy. Or at the very least, our minds need to be busy. I’m like that; I always have something to occupy my mind. If I’m not working, I have the TV on, or a podcast or I’m thinking about the next thing I need to do.

On the other hand, if I don’t have something to occupy my thoughts, I get bored incredibly fast. I have a hard time relaxing. I also have a hard time praying or being still.

In Psalm 46, God says “Be still, and know that I am God…” In context it carries with it the idea that God can take care of whatever you are going through.

I love this verse; I just have a hard time living it.

I’ve used this verse in a few creative youth lessons. I had the teenagers read the verse, we talked about what it means and then, I asked them to find a quiet spot in the room and be still. I told them, just relax, if you fall asleep that’s fine, if you pray, that’s fine but most of all “be still.” As you can imagine some of them relaxed right away and took a nap, others prayed and then there were a few who viewed the whole thing as torture. They were bored out of their minds in just 15 minutes.

If we want to experience God more in our lives, sometimes it will require us to do things, we will continue to give you some ideas in this series of things you can do. But other times, God may be asking you to “be still” and know that He is in control.

Sometimes faith requires a bold action, others times it requires uncomfortable patience.

Be still.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2014

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