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We may find it easy to be grateful for the good things, the blessings, and those who are easy to love.

You should show gratitude for the person who blesses you, encourages you, or helps you out of a tough situation. That is great, we should all be thankful for such people. We should all try to be that kind of person.

But let’s be honest, some people are more difficult to tolerate, much less be the object of our gratitude. To be clear, I’m not talking about an abuser, a liar, or a thief. You should keep your distance from these people. I’m talking about those who have good intentions but seem to wear you out. They may be a little needier than others, or they may often find themselves in various types of trouble. Or it simply could be a person who consistently requires more time than you want to invest. Continue reading


28 WaysIn our society we seem to be either busy or bored.

Our common excuse for not connecting with others is “I’m just so busy.” We may even be addicted to being busy. Or at the very least, our minds need to be busy. I’m like that; I always have something to occupy my mind. If I’m not working, I have the TV on, or a podcast or I’m thinking about the next thing I need to do. Continue reading