“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”

― W. Clement Stone

I believe, if you have a healthy sense of gratitude in your life, you are less selfish, less greedy, and less likely to be a taker. We know from the Bible that it is “more blessed to give than receive.” But to an immature person, receiving is way better than giving. When you receive a gift, you get something tangible to appreciate. When you give a gift, you walk away with nothing to admire.

Only a more mature person understands the feeling that comes from giving a thoughtful gift to another. Sure, you walk away empty handed, but your heart is full. When a person understands that you value them enough to share something with them, it can encourage that person more than you know.

Some people see the world as limited. They see resources as restricted, love as conditional, and life as a competition to see who gets the most. Others see the world as basically unlimited. Responsibly using resources makes them renewable. Giving one hundred percent of your love to one person, doesn’t mean you can’t fully love others. And sharing what you have does not require that you have less. Grateful people not only see the glass as half-full, but they also know there is more water available to fill the cup and have it run over.

Be grateful when you receive, be even more thankful when you can give. Show gratitude for what you have, demonstrate that gratitude by sharing with others. Share your resources, share your knowledge, share your experiences. Many individuals simply need you to share your time. The people in your life will benefit from your gratitude when it fuels your willingness to share.

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