Heavenly Father,

There are times when I want more money, a newer car, a bigger house, and so many other things that money can buy.

I admit that I feel cheated sometimes.  I work hard and live right, but don’t seem to have as much as others.

But when I stop, and put things in perspective, I realize that I have so much, that money cannot buy. 

And that makes me rich.

I have a great marriage of 18 years.  We love each other more today, than the day we were married.

I have more than a house, I have a home; filled with love and lots, and lots of fond memories.

I am blessed with two children that love me.

I have friends that are loyal and trustworthy.  They invest in my family, they pray for our needs, and they strive to help us overcome the obstacles in our lives.

I am blessed to be part of a church that loves and takes care of one another.  And they give sacrificially to serve our community.

There is so much more that I have that money cannot buy, but most importantly to me, I am redeemed.  My heart is at peace because I am forgiven.  I am free from the sins that once held me in bondage.

Forgive me for those moments where I am weak and selfish, and I think I need more of what money can buy.

What I really want, is more of what money cannot buy.  That is what a good life really is.  Thank you that I have so much already!

If you were to pray a prayer of thanksgiving today, what would it sound like?

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