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Gratitude is a pure and honest mindset.

Unlike the common idiom on the subject of confidence, “fake it till you make it”, being grateful is not something you should fake. In sports and other arenas, faking confidence may fool an opponent or a teammate. Faking confidence may very well lead to real confidence if you start to excel at a sport. But faking gratitude does no good for you, for your relationship with others, or for your relationship with God.

The term “organic” has increased in use in recent years. We look for food labeled organic, we talk about organic relationships, many want a more organic lifestyle. For our purposes, when I say organic, I just mean natural. When I say Organic Gratitude, I intend to convey a mindset that naturally occurs. You don’t need to fake it, conjure it up, or stress out trying to work your way to being grateful. Continue reading