A Whole New WayThere was a boy who was always thinking about himself. Most that knew him avoided him. While growing up he rarely treated anyone with respect. His parents were good people who tried to teach him love, honor and responsibility. He was often in trouble at school and his parents tried everything they could to correct his behavior.

The boy noticed that his mom had a large candle in a glass container on the living room mantle. She would blow it out sometime in the afternoon when the boy got home. He also noticed that his father had a CD with some old songs on it. His father would listen to that CD everyday on his way to and from work.

This annoyed the boy, he thought his parents were weird.

The candle annoyed him, the CD annoyed him, his parents annoyed him.

Though his parents did the best they could raising him, the boy remained self-centered all the way through school. But on the night of his high school graduation, knowing that he would be leaving for college soon. His parents sat him down for a talk.

His mom handed him the candle which was now burned down to the bottom of the glass. He grabbed it and noticed that his name was written on a label near the bottom of the candle. His dad handed him the CD, the boy took the CD and noticed that “my boy” was written on the CD in permanent marker.

His father spoke first “son, I have listened to this CD of hymns while praying for you on my way to and from work almost every day over the last 18 years. I prayed God would guide you. I want you to have this.” Next his mother said “son, I have prayed for you while this candle burned for almost two decades. I thought about you every time I lit it. I prayed that you would be a great man who helps others.”

The boy was speechless.

Through his tears he could now see his parents in a whole new way. He also saw God in a new way from that day on and his life changed dramatically.

This morning while driving his daughter to school, he played the CD.

This afternoon when he brought her home, his wife blew out a candle.

He smiled knowing the power of love, faith and prayer.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2013

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