Buried Treasure LogoJimmy burst through the kitchen door as if he were being chased. He didn’t stop to wipe his feet nor to turn and close the door.

In spite of his effort he kept wishing he could move faster. The hallway seemed twice as long but he finally made it to the stairs. He began taking the stairs two at a time.

His bedroom door was now in arms reach. Jimmy was moving so fast that he wasn’t able to turn the door knob. His momentum drove him face first into the door. As he turned the knob he stumbled and fell forward into the room.

He got to his feet and made his way to his dresser. He grabbed the piggy bank and removed the plug in the bottom. He was shaking and shaking the bank when his mother walked in the room. “Jimmy what is going on?” his mother said with a hint of concern in her voice.

“Mom, there’s no time to explain. I need a dollar and twenty five cents. I didn’t have enough at Mrs. Bakers yard sale.” “That’s it. Mom, I’ll be right back.”

Jimmy now stood over the box he was looking through just a few minutes earlier. He was digging to the bottom to find the baseball glove he had buried.

After pulling the glove from the rubble Jimmy scurried over to Mrs. Baker and handed her three dollars. “Here is the three dollars for the baseball glove.” Mrs. Baker smiled and thanked Jimmy.

Once again Jimmy came crashing through the kitchen door. Only this time he stopped to wipe his feet and close the back door. “Mom! Mom! I found it. I found it. I found Eli’s lost treasure map.”

“Treasure map?” questioned Jimmy’s mother. “Yeah, you know the stories that Eli used to tell all of us kids about burying treasure in the woods behind his house and making a map to where it was and then losing the map and then not knowing where he buried it and it being lost and now I have the map.”

“Mrs. Baker sold you Jimmy’s old treasure map?”

“No, she sold me a baseball glove. I found the map in the glove and buried it in the bottom of a box and then ran home to get more money to buy the glove. I only have fourteen cents left but it was worth it. I’m about to find real treasure.”

Story based on Matthew 13:44.  It will take just a moment to read.

Questions For Consideration

  1. What do you value most in this world?
  2. What would you sacrifice to keep it?
  3. What value do you place on being in heaven some day?
  4. Why is it or is it not important to you?
  5. What if the bible is right?  If heaven is a great treasure how should we view it?

Written by Larry Westfall.  Copyright Finding Wonder 2013.

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