UncomfortableEvery so often I get caught up in politics. I know better, I can’t control it, it just happens.

It creeps up on me, and then it creeps me out. I turn on the TV and start taking it all in. I become frustrated with it quickly. Because people from all perspectives quote only the statistics that back them up. At the same time ignoring blatant facts that disprove their own theories. Finally I pull myself out of the mire and stay clean for months on end until some current event drives me back to the same old shows, with the same old people, arguing the same old points.

I need help.

There is another thing that bothers me about the political realm. Christianity mixed with politics makes me uncomfortable. I’m not saying they should never overlap, but I’m sure that God’s grace is more powerful than our views. While I love my country, to me discipleship easily outweighs patriotism and the flag (as much as I love it) ultimately bows to the cross.

I have my political views, you have yours. Let’s leave that alone.

But I ask you to consider this.

The more I think about it, Jesus most likely…

Made the conservatives upset because He offered grace to the fringe of society.

Made the liberals uncomfortable because he raised the moral standard for everybody.

Made the libertarians uneasy because he gave up His rights for the good of others.

Made the moderates cringe every time He made a bold and clear stand.

Made the religious people angry because He broke the law and loved the outsiders.

Made the apathetic take notice by powerfully proclaiming His father loved everybody.

Made the type-A people uneasy because He said that love was the highest goal.

But most of all,

His words pierced through all of their agendas.

His words will still do that today, if we are honest with ourselves.

Maybe we get too comfortable in our own ideas. Maybe we define ourselves by our views way too much. Maybe our comfort zone of being right has become the force field that keeps us from serving this amazing savior in the best way we can.

The more I think about it…

…If Jesus hasn’t made you uncomfortable recently, then you might not be following close enough.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2013

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