The CallA dozen ministry leaders from various churches were sitting in an expensive restaurant. They had gathered to dine and decide who would be the keynote speaker at an upcoming Dynamic Leadership Conference.

After discussing the size of their congregations and various ministry accomplishments there was quite a bit of tension because some desperately wanted their own time in the spotlight. Suddenly all of their cell phones rang at the same time.

None of their phones showed the incoming phone number, all it said on their screens was “I Am”. After looking at each other, the minister of the smallest church nervously answered the call, changed his phone to speaker mode and laid it on the table.

The voice of a stranger though somewhat familiar to a few of them said “in the world’s systems, those in power set themselves up over the powerless. It should not be that way with you. I will send a humble child who knows my heart to be the keynote speaker. You who are listening to my voice will clean the convention center after the crowd leaves.

Because, I oppose the proud but I give grace to the humble.”

Questions For Consideration

1. Have you ever let your ego get in the way of what is most important?

2. What are some ways to overcome our natural desire to be in charge?

3. If humility was a top priority in the church, what difference would that make in our relationship with society?

Written by Tom Wise. Copyright Finding Wonder 2013

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