When you parade through this life, believing that the world owes you something, you will find it hard, if not impossible, to show gratitude.

However, if you take the attitude that the world, and no person, owes you anything, you will be grateful for most, if not all, that you receive.

If you are wondering if you struggle with entitlement, here are three indicators, this may be an issue in your life:

  1. You get offended when you don’t get what you want.  Your anger stems from the idea that you think you deserve what want.

  2. You have negative feelings towards people that own things you cannot afford.  You think poorly of others because you think you deserve what they have, as much as, or more than they do.

  3. You are not willing to work hard.  Your lack of motivation, and wasted time, is due to the thought process that you deserve something you did not earn.

Most people that I have met in life that are entitled, have this great inability to see it in their own life.  Or perhaps, they posses an unwillingness to admit it.  Either way, it is a huge stumbling block, as they are mostly angry and offended, and rarely grateful.

What about you?

Would the people around you describe you as being more angry and offended or more grateful?

What about the three litmus tests above?  Do any of those strike a chord?  Do they hit close to home, and you find yourself trying to justify your response?

What say you?

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