We would worry less if we praised more.  Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.

– Harry Ironside

Discontentment and dissatisfaction, are spiritual problems that stem from our selfishness.  Our selfishness most often presents itself in our culture through an attitude of entitlement;  this idea that we somehow deserve what we want.

Many people live this way, but we do not realize  how painful this is to ourselves and to those around us.  When we live this way we emotionally punish ourselves by being in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction.  We live miserably.

Developing an attitude of thankfulness can begin to combat this discontentment and dissatisfaction.  Every time you say thank you, and give credence to the idea that you have been given a gift, it wars against the idea, that you should have what you desire.  It begins to change how you view people and what they do to invest in your life.

Would you say that you are discontented or dissatisfied often?  If so, perhaps learning to say thank you may help.

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