Thanks But No Thanks_jThe governor walked the long dark corridors looking into the eyes of each man as he passed by. This was the infamous stretch of cells known as death row. The governor had made nine other visits this morning and was about to make his last. As he approached the cell, the young man that was lying on the bed stood so that he was face to face with his visitor.

The governor paused as he looked deeply into the prisoners eyes. As he began to speak the man could hardly believe his ears. “Son, I have reviewed your letter of request. I am granting you clemency.” The young man fell at the governor’s feet and wept. Through his tears the prisoner’s words were barely audible. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The governor turned to the warden who had accompanied him this morning. “Did I not pardon ten men today? What was wrong with the other nine? Was no one appreciative but him? A convicted rapist none the less.

The governor gently asked the young man to stand to his feet. The stately gentleman peered at the man’s sobbing frame and spoke with conviction. “Your faith in the system has paid off. You now have a second chance on life. Don’t waste it.”

Have you ever wondered how someone could receive a great gift and not appreciate it?  It happens one day at a time.  We learn to be ungrateful towards God for his greatest gifts because we never learn to thank him for the small gifts each day.  Until we realize that God doesn’t owe us anything we can’t appreciate when He is good to us.

Questions To Consider

  1. When was the last time you thanked God for the things in your life?
  2. Do you have a habit of thanking others or taking them for granted?
  3. What if you begin putting as much energy into thanking God and other for their generosity as you do with complaining about things that disappoint you?

This story is based on Luke 17:11-19.

Written by Larry Westfall.  © Copyright Finding Wonder 2013.

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One thought on “THANKS BUT NO THANKS

  1. Tom

    If I replaced all my complaining with prayer or good deeds, I’d be of much more use to everyone. 🙂

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