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31 Powerful PrayersHave you ever watched a preacher on TV, and he closes the broadcast with a prayer that you are invited to pray with him?

That prayer usually says something similar to a prayer you may have heard a local Pastor or Sunday school teacher offer. It’s usually referred to as The Sinner’s Prayer. Continue reading


Lost and Found finalLarry pulled the cushions off the couch and pushed his hands down the sides and across the back.


He put the cushions back and moved on to the two chairs in the room.

Still nothing.

He was beginning to get a little anxious. If he was going to be on time for his lunch appointment he would need to leave in the next ten minutes.

“Where could those stupid keys be?” he said aloud standing in the middle of the living room.

He had checked the pants he had on yesterday with no luck.

He had checked the key rack in the kitchen, where they should be, but they were absent.

He had checked the trash can under the key rack but no keys.

He had checked the night stand beside the bed and found nothing.

He had interrogated the kids and his wife but still had no keys.

He realized that he was going about things all wrong.

He started in the bedroom and began putting everything in its proper place. He went from room to room and started putting the small piles of clutter in each room away. As he made his way back into the living room it dawned on him that he had worn his coat yesterday because it was raining.

He opened the coat closet and searched the pockets in his jacket. Sure enough there were the keys. He breathed a huge sigh of relief. He then broke into his happy dance.

“Thank God,” blurted out his daughter.

“I know, right. I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel,” his son chimed in. “By the way, please don’t ever do that in public.”

Larry could only smile. He was pretty determined to find the keys.

He grabbed his daughter by the hand and twirled her around. It’s time to celebrate.

“I agree with Joshua. Don’t ever do that in public.”

He gave the whole family hugs and headed out the door. He and Todd had a good laugh as he retold the story over lunch.

Story based on Luke 15:8-10.

Questions For Consideration

  1. Can you remember the last time you misplaced something of value to you?  How determined were you to find it?
  2. Do you have the same determination to help reconcile those that are far from God?
  3. How do you need to pray today to help your heart to be aligned with God’s heart?

Written by Larry Westfall. Copyright Finding Wonder 2013.