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Formatting The Text

During this part of the process, I usually copy and paste the text into a Word document so that I can begin to mark it up.  I still have some folks in my church, believe it or not, that do not use a computer.  As they were working through this process, they wrote the verse out on a separate sheet of paper.

When I copy and paste I usually format the the text to use double or triple spacing so that I have enough room to make any notations that are needed.  I format custom margins so that the top and bottom are set to 0.5″ and the left and right margins are set to 2.0″.  This gives me the necessary white space on the page to work with.  I also Insert the chapter and verse in the header.  Finally, I use the justify format so that my margins are even and the page looks crisp and clean. Continue reading


Many people read the bible daily, and that is a good thing.  If you are one of those folks I want to applaud your consistency in reading and becoming familiar with God’s word.

If your bible study goes no farther than that I want to challenge you to dig a little deeper.  While a consistent reading habit is beneficial, there is so much more you can discover about the bible that will help you live a transformed life.

Today, I want to help you begin to set up a personal library of resources that will help remove some of the obstacles present when trying to interpret and understand the bible.  All of the resources I recommend below are resources that I have in my personal library.  I know there are other materials that could be mentioned, but the books listed here are ones I use and like.  If you find similar resources that are better, cheaper, more highly recommended that is okay.  The important thing is that you begin to build a small library of resources to aid in your study of the bible. Continue reading