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Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Tragedy Off The Coast Of Massachusetts

December 17, 1927 was a tragic day in American history.  An S-4 submarine was conducting routine drills off the coast of Massachusetts.  The submarine was attempting to surface when it was struck by a U.S. Coast Guard destroyer.  The destroyer punched about a 30 inch hole in the submarine which caused the vessel to begin to sink in 110 feet of water.

Most of the crew secured themselves behind watertight doors.  A handful of men made their way to the torpedo room to hunker down.  From there they did their best to communicate with anyone that would be able to help them.

While crews worked diligently on the surface to free the sailors from their underwater prison, divers were sent into the water to see what options they may have.  While underwater, one of the divers heard tapping that was determined to be Morse code.  The sailors inside the torpedo room kept repeating the same question, “Is… there… any…hope…?” Continue reading


We have begun to establish affiliate partnerships with various companies.  We want you to be aware that if you click on any links on our site, whether on the homepage or individual posts, and purchase something, we may receive an affiliate commission for your purchase.

Not all the links we provide are affiliate links.  We are always recommending resources that we believe will be helpful to others.  Our goal is to point people to products and services that will help them walk closer to Christ and live a better life whether we get paid or not.

What We Do Matters

We believe that what we do makes a difference in the Christian community.  We have had pastors use our devotional series as teaching tools, we have had small groups and Sunday school classes use our material as discussion guides, and we have many individuals that draw inspiration and are challenged to walk closer to God because of the free resources we make available through our site.

We make these resources available because we believe in the gospel message.  We believe that  the truth of Scripture has the power to change lives.  We have dedicated our lives to preaching the gospel and now we have the opportunity to make that message available to a wider audience and reach even more people via the internet.

Unseen Costs

What we do here comes with a price tag.  We pay an annual fee to maintain rights to use our domain name, we pay a monthly fee to host our site on the internet, we have costs associated with designing our site, and costs for the tools we need to run our site smoothly.

We also have costs associated with software that is necessary to create our e-books, tools that allow us to format and edit our posts offline, and fees for cloud storage.

We also have investments in computers, smartphones, and tablets that allow us to be mobile and work on our projects no matter where we are.  In addition to that, we have many hours of labor invested in the resources we have created and made available on this site.

How You Can Help

You can help us by doing what you already do.  By shopping.  By developing an affiliate partnership with individuals and businesses, we are basically hosting an online retail store.  This is no different than shopping at a retail store in your neighborhood.  Every local retail store is a middle man for products and services,  whereby they make a profit from what they sell.  Our affiliate partnerships work the same way.  Our website becomes our virtual retail space.

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These affiliate programs help us offset the cost of running this site and helps to guarantee we can continue to write and provide content well into the future.

Thank You

We are blessed to have so many people involved in what we do here at Finding Wonder and we are blessed to be able to do what we do.  It truly is an amazing time in history to be able to reach so many people with the gospel message.  Thank you for being a part of our journey and thank you for partnering with us.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

Larry Westfall & Tom Wise