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Mixed signalsIn the morning, I like to turn on the radio in the kitchen and listen to the news as I fix the kids breakfast. I don’t know if it’s the time of day, the position of the radio or a problem at this particular station but often something goes wrong. I can hear a man sharing the news and I can also hear a commercial just as loud. I’m not sure if it’s two stations coming in to my radio or a technical glitch from the source but I can’t listen to the news because of the mixed signals. Continue reading


28 Ways To Experience God “Well… there it is,” you are exclaiming, if you have been following along.  The conversation always comes around to reading your bible, praying, and going to church.

I don’t really have a defense for you if this comes across as being negative nor do I have an apology.  Being consistent in my attendance at church benefits me in so many ways.  I am surrounded by people that love me and want God’s best for me.  I am around people that will pray for me.  I am around people that go out of their way to love my children.  I am surrounded by people that are on the same journey that I am on so they understand how difficult it is to live holy in a sinful world.  And the list goes on and on. Continue reading


Steal Kill DestroyMany Bible verses are commonly taken out of context.

Sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of trying to prove a point and other times so that manipulation can take place. Many scriptures on finance for example, have been stripped of their true meaning so that the masses will send money. Or, did you know that “God helps those who help themselves” isn’t even in the Bible? Continue reading


Have Mercy on Me_jA man attended a church on Sunday, like he has his whole life. That morning after the sermon on Five Keys to an Abundant Life” he gave his offering and went to the altar. There he prayed “Father, thank you that I walk in the favor of God, you give me health, wealth and even a great parking spot at the mall, thank you that I am not like my friends who sin, you know I’m special and favored above others”

Another man pulled his truck into the parking lot of a church for the first time in decades. Feeling nervous about going in he laid his head on the steering wheel, clinched his fist and whispered “God have mercy on me, I’ve fallen short in every way, I need you Jesus, I’m in desperate need of your grace, change my heart.” He started his truck and pulled away without even going in the building.

One man left justified before God…

Questions To Consider

1. What does this parable say to you?

2. Is this a fair interpretation of the parable found in Luke 18?

3. What can you learn from both men represented in this story?

Based on Luke 18:9-14

Written by Tom Wise. © Finding Wonder 2013