Thank You!

Those two words have tremendous power.

They possess this great power, because they communicate value.  When we say thank you to another human being, we are saying, you matter.  What you have just done, made a difference.

This is one of the great affirmations that we all need: that our presence in this world matters.  Just recall how you have felt when someone gave you a genuine thank you.  You felt like somebody.  You swelled up just a bit.  You held your head high.  You had a sense of dignity and pride.  You. Felt. Great.  All because of those two little words.

Now, I want you to come to the realization, that you have the power to make other people feel the same way.  All of those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when someone expresses their gratitude for what you have done, you can give that to others, by learning to say those two magic words.

The next time you recognize that someone has done something good, stop, look them in the eyes, and say, thank you.  Developing this small habit in your life, not only has the power to brighten someone’s day, but has the power to change your outlook on life.

Let us be guilty of practicing what we preach.  Thank you for reading and following along this month.  We are so grateful that you take time out of your busy schedule to share in the ramblings of a couple misfits.  God bless!

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