I can remember when modern technology started to take off.  The talk of computers, email, mobile phones, etc., was going to be our deliverance.  These technological advances were going to make us more efficient and give us more time for leisure.  Fast forward twenty years, and people are busy beyond belief.  Every person I talk to is overwhelmed with too much to do.

Can you relate to that?  Are you busy?  Too busy?

Another draw back of our technology is that it keeps us from having meaningful face to face relationships.  These marvels of technology that we carry around in our pockets, seem to have an intoxicating lure, that demands our attention.  It doesn’t matter where we are or who we are with, we are glued to whatever is on our phone.

Are you guilty of going to dinner with friends or family and everyone spends most of their time just staring at their phone?

Our technology has simplified life for us in some ways, but in others it has caused us to be distracted.  I want to speak to the idea of being distracted, because it is difficult to be thankful when your attention is always somewhere else.

It is important for us to learn to be present when we are with other people.  To give them the attention that they deserve.  To take in the experience of being together and to take in the surroundings and circumstances of the moment.  Until you have an awareness of what is taking place in the present, you will find it difficult to be thankful.  Not because of any ill-intention, but simply because you are distracted.  You will miss the most important details about being in relationship with other people and you will miss the important details of the activities and surrounding you are enjoying.

A good practice for any of us is to learn to live in the moment.  To be engaged with people, places, and things and not be distracted.  When we do, we will appreciate people and life more.

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