I used to have severe panic attacks, those attacks impacted my education, my career, and my relationships. I became a ninja when it came to avoiding situations where I thought a panic attack could occur. I feared the fear itself. That led to depression and many other detrimental side-effects. For much of my life I was a prisoner of sorts to fear.

I’ve learned a lot about fear since then. One thing I know for sure, fear is fleeting.

Fear got in the way of many things in my life, but it was no match for faith. It was a long battle and I had help along the way, but faith always wins.

Fear is the hare, faith is the tortoise.

Fear comes fast, faith settles in.

Fear is loud, faith is a still small voice.

Fear is a paper lion, faith is a solid foundation.

Fear is an emotion out of control, faith is a belief that God is in control.

My understanding is that anxiety is a fear of the present, worry is a fear of the future, and regret is a fear of the past. God’s grace covers all three. God offers peace that passes your own understanding. If you’re a Christian, lean on the author and finisher of your faith. If you don’t consider yourself to be a Christian, I encourage you to seek God even in the fear.

I am forever grateful that fear is fleeting and faith is here to stay. And I am grateful in advance that in your life faith will win.


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