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Date Night is a new series that will post on Thursday of each week.  We want to encourage you to invest in your marriage with deep and meaningful conversation just like you did when you were dating.

Unfortunately for many married couples, once they say “I do,” they stop pursuing one another.  It is very easy to quit going on dates, to stop discovering new things about one another, and forget that life together is an adventure.

There isn’t anything magical about the questions that we will offer each week.  The real magic happens when two people take the time to invest in one another.  Whether you use these questions or some discussion starters of your own, we hope that you will once again find the wonder of getting to know each other and using these conversations to shape your future together.

Conversation Starters

Many people start the new year off with making resolutions, which we all know, usually fall by the wayside by the end of January.  What if, instead of making resolutions, you made actual plans?

We are just eleven days into the year, let’s begin the year by talking about some fond memories and actually putting Date Night on the calendar.

  1. What is your most memorable date or activity together?

  2. If you could plan the perfect date, what would it look like?

    Describe the date in terms of what you would prefer.  Not what you would do to impress your spouse.  How would you dress, where would you go, how would you be greeted, etc…

  3. If all you had was $20 what kind of a date would you go on?

  4. What do you feel, are the obstacles to you having a consistent date night each week?

Action Steps

  1. Look at the activities on your calendar through the end of January and plan 1 date night each week for the remainder of the month.  Plan the location and the activity.  Be sure that both will allow the opportunity for conversation.

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