31 Powerful PrayersOne of the greatest things any parent can do is pray for their family.

Asking God for direction in leading your family is crucial in today’s age of technology. Today there are more opportunities for negative influences in the life of your family than at any time in history.

Here is a powerful family oriented prayer from Archbishop William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore.

“Heavenly Father,

thank You for the gift of our family.

Enlighten our hearts and minds

that we may live more fully this vocation to love.

In our daily life and work,

may we reflect the self-giving love which You, O Father,

eternally show with Your Son and the Holy Spirit.

Let Your love be evident

in the peace that reigns in our home

and in the faith we profess and live.

May our family always be a place of generosity,

understanding, forgiveness, and joy.

Kindly give us the wisdom and courage

to be witnesses to Your eternal design for the family;

and grant that the Holy Family of Nazareth

may always guide our path to holiness as a family.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,

who lives and reigns with You

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God forever and ever.


Studying prayers like that can help you in your own prayer life.

I’m not the most consistent person when it comes to prayer. But every night I thank God for many things. No matter who and what I include in my prayers, I always pray for my family.

Here is a sample of things I include in my prayers while concentrating on my family.

“Thank You for their unique personalities.

Protect them physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Guide them in the direction You know is best.

Give them: Joy in their hearts.

Peace in their minds.

Health in their bodies.

Grace in their mistakes.

Humility in their successes.

Confidence in their abilities.

Empathy in their attitudes.

Wisdom in their relationships.

Awareness of Your presence.

Trust in Your ways.

Desire to seek You.

Let Your will be done in their lives as it is in Heaven.”

I want to encourage you to continue to pray for your family, Jesus said, “My Father is always at work.”

Trust Him with your family.

Written by Tom Wise Copyright © Finding Wonder 2016

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