31 Powerful PrayersSpring would be my favorite time of year if it wasn’t for allergies. It’s beautiful and alive. It seems the world has awoken from sleep. It reminds us that new life is all around us.

Other than the watery eyes and sneezing, its perfect.

While I adjust my allergy medicine and get my lawn mower ready, most other people are excited about the chance to get out and enjoy all that the spring season brings.

It is a renewal of nature. It’s a symbol of the resurrection.

The resurrection isn’t just for Easter Sunday, for the Christian it’s a daily source of hope and joy.

Here is a powerful prayer to remind you that we are renewed people:

“Lord, the resurrection of Your Son

has given us new life and renewed hope.

Help us to live as new people

in pursuit of the Christian ideal.

Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,

the will to want to do it,

the courage to undertake it,

the perseverance to continue to do it,

and the strength to complete it.”

New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book

May you live constantly being a new person, made more and more in the image of Christ.

Written by Tom Wise Copyright © Finding Wonder 2016

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