31 Powerful PrayersI ran across this prayer outline that is used to help children remember to pray for people in their life.

If there is one thing I’ve learned as a Pastor it’s this. Adults are just big children with bills to pay.

That’s not entirely true, but basically adults could benefit from reminders as much as children.

Using your five fingers, here is a great way to remember to pray for certain people in your prayer time.

Thumb (people who are close to you) These are your close friends and family, often the first you think about when you pray. Give thanks to God and ask his protection on your parents, siblings, friends, and classmates. (include your children and others close to you.)

Pointer (people who point the way) These are leaders in your life, such as teachers and pastors. Offer God your thanksgiving for them and ask him to help them in their important work.

Tall Finger (people in authority) The big people in the world need prayer too. Ask God to give wisdom to our government, military, and police.

Ring Finger (people who are weak) This is your weakest finger. We should remember others who are sick, live in poverty, or are treated badly. Pray that Jesus would give them new strength.

Little Finger (your own needs) God wants to hear your needs too, especially when you put others first. Pray for your own growth in mind, body, and spirit.


This may not be something you need if you have an active prayer life. But if you are someone who is just beginning your prayer life, this is an easy way to at least get your prayer started.

Imagine how powerful this simple prayer would be if we sincerely prayed for each of these groups of people every day.

Written by Tom Wise Copyright © Finding Wonder 2016

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