One of the things I have noticed about most people is that they pray for average every day things.  Now there isn’t anything wrong with that because God cares about the smallest details in our lives.  However, many people wonder why there doesn’t seem to be anything extraordinary in their prayer life.

Let me make the following suggestion as a hypothesis.  I believe many people have a hum drum prayer life because they don’t pray for anything that requires a supernatural response from God.  Many of the prayers we pray will come to pass if we put in enough time and effort or simply just wait long enough for it to come to pass.

We serve a God that formed the universe and put the stars in place.  He formed the oceans and set the mountains as the landscape.  This same God is the one on the other side of our prayers.

Much like a father feels like a super hero when one of his children come to him with a problem or situation they can’t handle on their own, I believe that God begins to move with a measure of excitement when we offer to him a prayer that can only come to pass if he gets involved.  I call these “God sized” prayers.

So if you want a supernatural prayer life then begin to pray prayers that require a supernatural God to get involved.

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