Several weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital with sepsis.  One of the symptoms I had was feeling disoriented.  While in the hospital I was given medicine to help with nausea that also made me drowsy.

As I would drift in and out of sleep I had great difficulty when I would wake up.  Each time I would wake up I was disoriented.  It would take me several minutes to figure out where I was and why I was there.  I was aware enough to know that I would go through this process each time I would come to myself and it created a lot of anxiety.

I remember lying in the hospital bed and expressing my fear to God and asking him to help with my disorientation and to help calm my anxiety.

For many of us it is difficult for us to admit that we are fearful.  Yet, one of the best things we can do is to share our fears.  They are easier to deal with once they are out in the open and we aren’t bottling them up inside.

It is often said that most of the things we worry about are over things that never happen anyway.  Once we have put our fears on the table for God hear then we can trust that he will help us work through them whether they come to pass or not.

So don’t let worry consume you or your fears define you.  Share them with God and with his help meet them head on.

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