I am easily distracted. In fact I struggle to stay on task with one project because I suddenly think of something completely unrelated I need to do. The other day I noticed that I am almost always in multitask mode. I’ve also noticed I have unfortunately become addicted to distraction.

No matter where I go, I seem to always have some form of media filling the silence. When I am driving, sometimes I have music playing but more often I have the news or a podcast playing. When I am at work I generally have a sermon or a comedian playing in the background. At home with two kids, the distractions create themselves. I have a very difficult time with silence. I have even started listening to podcasts at night, I have my earbuds (similar to headphones for us older people) in while I fall asleep.

I suffer from what many of you suffer from. It might be sensory overload mixed with a constant need for distraction. Whatever it’s called, I am sure it’s not healthy.

So what does this have to do with a better prayer life?

Some people can have music playing while they pray. That is great. Some people can pray while other types of background noise is present. Not me. For me, I need to stop it all. If I’m honest, I have to let it all fade away if I am going to really concentrate.

Do I still get distracted? Sometimes I do.

But I have to make the effort to focus on praying. You may be able to handle the distractions, I can’t.

I wonder if God feels about me like I do about others sometimes. Like when I’m talking to someone and they keep looking at their phone for the next text to come in. That can be quite frustrating if you have something important to say.

It’s true that our fast paced society demands multitasking, that’s ok for some things. It’s also true that God hears the prayers that are offered in the middle of the madness. There is nothing wrong with praying while driving, cleaning or something else.

But for my main prayer time of the day, I have to face the intimidating silence before I can completely dedicate the time.

Protect your prayer time from distractions. It’s too important to multitask.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2013

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