28 WaysThe cross is the most recognized symbol of the Christian faith. I don’t think it should be.

I think the empty tomb should be.

The cross is important in revolutionary ways, but the tomb… it’s empty.

The reason the tomb is so powerful is because there is no one there, the grave didn’t win, death lost.

Just for a second consider this; the reason the perfume bottle that was used to anoint Jesus is a great symbol of love, because it’s empty.The reason the Passover cup used by Jesus and the disciples is a blessing, because it was emptied.The reason the widows purse is so inspirational, because it’s empty.

There are many other examples of the power of giving it all, spending it all, emptying it all out.

Jesus gave all He had for us; we are called to do the same for Him and others.

I’m not telling you to empty your wallet, give all your time away to others and move across the world to serve.

I’m asking you to do something so much harder than that. Be empty of self-centeredness.

When you give, don’t expect a reward. When you serve, don’t do it for the pat on the back. When you love, do so because your heart moved you, not because the pastor said so. When you are in a heated discussion, let love overcome. Don’t seek a blessing, be a blessing. When you empty yourself of pride and ego, you make room for so many people to be blessed.

When you empty yourself of ulterior motives, God gets a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.

If you are interested in Experiencing God more, you will come to realize that His kingdom is upside down. The greatest in this kingdom are the humble servants. The ones who are hard to reach Jesus says, are the ones who have it all.

We live in a world that encourages us to be “full of ourselves,” Jesus asks us to do something very difficult, be “empty of ourselves.”

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2014

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