28 WaysIf you want to Experience God in your life, you can’t be caught up in comparing yourself to others.

We do this in two distinct ways.

Sometimes we can look at a person who seems so much more “spiritual” than us. We see their highlight reel and compare it to our lowlight reel. This leads to doubting our faith, doubting our talents, doubting God’s ability to do something in our lives.

The other side of this is when you compare your highlight reel to something awful you just learned about another. It’s not fair to them or to you. It’s extremely un-Christ like and it puffs you up. The most shallow way to feel good about you, is to tear down another person.

Shhhhh… Here is s secret, don’t spread this around but it’s the truth. I know a lot of pastors and guess what; they are just like everyone else. Some are insecure and it comes out in the way they treat others. Some are full of pride and want you to know how “knowledgeable” they are. Others are dealing with things from their past and can’t let go. I sometimes sit in a meeting with other pastors and I almost want to laugh because of how similar it is to any other venue where everybody wants to impress everyone else.

If you want to Experience God more in your life, look to Him for everything. Sure you can learn from and sometimes teach others. We are here to help each other, but don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. Nothing good can come of it.

We are all equal when it comes to a sinful nature that ruined us and a need for grace that delivers us.

Be who God made you to be, if you can help another person, go for it. If you need help, ask for it.

We are all in this together, No one is above the need for grace and no one is out of the reach of grace.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2014

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