28 WaysWhile doing a hospital visit yesterday, I walked past the newborn baby viewing area. I stopped for a minute.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been by that window. When my kids were born I was there watching every breath, completely in awe. Later when a friend or church member had a baby I walked by the window a few times. But yesterday I didn’t know any new parents, I just happened to be going down that hallway.

I stopped and looked for a second, thoughts overwhelmed me. All the excitement of new life, all the joy and pain each of us experience as we grow. All of the possibilities the journey brings.

I’ve been to more than my share of funerals. From my relatives and friends to speaking at funerals for those I knew well and some I barely knew. Funerals can stop you in your tracks. They can make you think of what’s really important in life. Death can make you consider forgiveness, regret or even a new direction in your life.

We need the kind of perspective new life can bring and we also need the kind of perspective death gives us. Everyone should be required to visit the new born viewing window and a cemetery once a month for 20 minutes each to keep perspective.

Many don’t know that God offers that kind of perspective all the time. God wants us to trust him through the temporary trials in life. He wants us to stop and enjoy the beauty when we can. He gives us an eternal perspective. He doesn’t want us so caught up in the moment that we miss His presence in our lives.

If you want to Experience God in your life, ask Him for His perspective on what is consuming you at the moment. And most important, be open to the new perspective He gives you.

Be open to the new perspective He brings you about trials and tough times. Be open to the new perspective He brings you about blessings and being a blessing. Be open to the new perspective He brings you about other people. And be open to the new perspective He brings you about yourself and your relationship with Him.

You may be surprised at what He teaches you in a babies’ smile, in a child’s laugh, in a temporary problem or in a story from someone who has already been through it.

Ask and receive a new perspective on this blessing called life.

Written by Tom Wise © Finding Wonder 2014

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